“Linkedin is one of our best sources for great leads and has been delivering stable performance for more than 18 months now. All of this has become possible by Shivyaanchi’s capacity to produce campaigns that perform well over time and consistently generate results. There’s no finer alliance that we could have got.”

Gilad Bornstein, CEO
Gilad Circle
About Client

FlatWorld is a bootstrapped startup with a mission to disrupt the world of remote work and empower enterprises to establish and scale their businesses faster than you can pronounce Agile or DevOps.

Long before the pandemic-induced "new normal," the company was founded on the drive to revolutionise the world of remote work.


We reached out to Gilad via their job posting and it was a quick close.

In his own words:
“I interviewed 3-4 vendors and found a perfect match. It was obvious that Shivyaanchi has better experience and is more likely to succeed.”

We started by reviewing previous campaigns from FlatWorld and making recommendations for how their strategy can be improved.

Later, we created a kickstarter plan and dedicated significant work to cleaning up all data, understanding the company's terminologies, and developing a well-defined baseline audience.


The CEO, Gilad, required someone to take over management of their LinkedIn account.

The business intended to launch flexible advertising campaigns with a range of target demographics. Despite daily expenditures of several hundred dollars, the results were subpar.


After becoming familiar with the company's aims and expectations, we began optimising and developing an agile testing strategy. Moving ahead, we set up a robust process, achieving milestones, one campaign at a time.

The project has been going strong ever since, with many updates and enhancements. To guarantee ongoing delivery of relevant ROI numbers, we constantly iterate over the target methodology, bidding strategy, and compelling ad copy.

We have a weekly 30 minutes cadence with Gilad during which we walk him through the previous week’s analytics and new ads/ campaigns integrations.


1) We have regularly surpassed all preset goals in terms of candidate leads - full stack developers, react natives, ruby on rails devs, javascript coders, etc.
2) Acquisition cost per customer is 3 times lower than what it used to be.
3) CTR’s have constantly been 2+% and CPC less than 1$.
4) 12-20% average conversion rates across campaigns.
5) Engagement rates > 2%.

We are always delighted to mention our continued 2-year+ cooperation with FlatWorld.
Integrity is unquestionably the key to lasting partnerships, and we uphold it in everything we do.