Nurturing sequences, B2B cold email campaigns, newsletters, promotional offers and announcements – we do it all, and we do it for the results.

Well-researched, safeguarded against spam markings, & highly-customized – our email sequences are crafted using the best industry practices.

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Unparalleled Experience

Email marketing holds unparalleled power – since it allows you to reach out to your target customer directly, skipping any lengthy sales funnels or marketing efforts.

Well, with great power comes great responsibility – and while sending out a 100 emails seems like an easy task, there’s a lot more technicalities involved.

We help you avoid the pain of your emails landing in spam, and provide fruitful campaigns by leveraging the power of:

Best Email Practices
Personalized Email Copy
Regular Revisions

Who Should Work With Us?

At Shivyaanchi, we work with B2B firms and solopreneurs to serve all requirements related to running successful email marketing campaigns.

In the past, we've helped clients in putting their leads data to use, and churning out rewarding business opportunities from the same. Our goal is to be the one-stop solution for all of your email marketing needs, helping you with everything, including:

a) Designing and putting into action a comprehensive email marketing plan; including email authentication, lead generation software, automation tools, platforms for setting up calls, customization of email copy, dynamic flows and sequences, etc.

b) Untangling your email marketing pipelines and resolving any issues linked to old mailing lists, poor email copy performance, unauthenticated systems, flow leakages, outdated trends and practices, and so on.

Are you a business that hasn't looked at cold emailing as a successful outreach method for your B2B services?

Are you a thought-leader, an influencer, or a brand searching for end-to-end professional assistance for your newsletter launch?

Do you require an effective nurturing sequence integrated with your database for incoming leads?

Equipped with the finest systems and vetted professionals, we're on standby - waiting to help.

Why Us?

Do you recall the last email you received that compelled you to open it? That is exactly what we aspire to create together for your brand.

We love well-written emails – especially the ones that are crisp, direct, and yet engaging. In the past, our clients were just one email away from their ideal, high-ticket consumer, and we were able to close the gap on their behalf.


Our strategy for Email Marketing revolves around one basic principle: adding value to your reader’s inbox -

be it on a regular basis via your monthly newsletter, or, as a one-time, life-changing opportunity for your dream customer through a cold email with a high-value offer.

The Team

Our in-house team for email marketing consists of:
1) Lead Generation Experts - who handle all tasks related to building and maintaining your mailing lists.

2) Email Copywriters - specialising in direct-response and brand copywriting.

3) Campaign Managers - who serve as the chief POC b/w you and our team and handle all queries and tasks related to campaign optimization.

What to Expect

At Shivyaanchi, we have helped numerous B2B organizations set up email marketing pipelines in order to support their marketing and sales objectives.

No matter what the goal of your campaign is, we work with you to consistently achieve excellent results and keep your funnels organized.

Here’s what typical results with our email marketing solutions look like (observed average across campaigns):


Open Rates


Click Rates


Domain Health


Response Rate

our processes

Essential Elements For
Successful Email Campaigns

Systems Setup

Domain (preferably different from your main one) authenticated with anti-spam policies - spf, dkim, and dmarc.

Email Warmup

Sending and receiving emails using your email account in order to establish a good reputation with email servers and avoid spam labels.

Automated Flows

95% of our email marketing efforts achieve their predetermined goals thanks to highly personalised, brand-specific email copy geared at generating replies.

Rapid Revisions

Every campaign is subject to weekly modifications depending on what we learn from ongoing A/B testing of subject lines, CTAs, and email copy.

winning with automation

Our Technologies

authentic testimonials

Our Votes of Confidence

Ready to launch winning email campaigns using the finest industry practices?