Our expertise in LinkedIn advertising campaigns stems from several years of field dominance.

By leveraging the power of best bidding strategies, ideal targeting tactics, and efficient ad language, we help you ace your ad campaigns.

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Linkedin Advertising

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Our strategy for LinkedIn ads is distinctively based on what we know works…and what we know doesn’t work. With dozens of variables at play within LinkedIn’s advertising functionalities, you cannot rely on outdated strategies or make wild guesses about new strategies.

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Who Should Work With Us?

Are you a company unsure whether LinkedIn advertising is a wise investment to generate more leads?
Before plunging all in, do you want to test the waters from the shore?

Or perhaps you have spent considerable time with LI Ads, and are fed up of the trial-and-error method.
Are you facing trouble with subpar ad campaign outcomes right now?

If either of the above situations resonates with yours, we’d love to take control.

Who Should Work With Us
Why Us

There's a lot that's going on inside a LinkedIn Ads Dashboard - you'd know if you have been there. Campaign goals, budgeting and bidding tactics, targeting strategies, content offers, conversion tracking, and so on.

While LinkedIn offers a plethora of capabilities, determining the optimal strategy for your company and consumer persona can be tough.

We assist you in avoiding lengthy and risky experimentation, using the most recent best practices, and acquiring top-tier leads while saving thousands of dollars in the process.

Our Strategy

Our strategy for LinkedIn advertising strikes the ideal blend between tried-and-true success strategies and the most recent advances in LinkedIn’s features, the world of advertising, and consumer psychology as a whole.

Before anything else, we discuss & finalize the campaign's objective with you, to make sure we take steps in the right direction.

Then, we start off with a few different ad piece versions, all powered by the best combination of techniques. To ensure that the campaign only takes forward its strongest elements, the team makes weekly modifications.

What to Expect

At Shivyaanchi, we have assisted dozens of brands in achieving their targeted outcomes for LinkedIn ad campaigns, both in the form of:

a) short-term, maiden tests spanning across a few months - demonstrating the efficacy of the platform and giving them the confidence to make larger investments in the future.

b) full-fledged campaigns extending over a longer period of time and consisting of a diverse set of comprehensive components.

About the Team

Our in-house specialists have authored the top 2 best-selling Udemy courses on LinkedIn advertisements, helping 45k+ students in understanding the gists of the platform and providing them with valuable insights on how to create profitable campaigns.

With a plethora of experience and up-to-date knowledge base, our team of experts is on standby - waiting to take over and bring in the conversions and visibility that you deserve.

Here's what typical results with us look like:

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Why LinkedIn Ads & Not Some Other Platform?

Well, the choice is difficult, and while we may be biased in our personal preferences, we must recognise that each platform has its own distinct merits. Here is a short response if you find yourself in a bind and are unsure whether LinkedIn advertising is a good fit for your outreach strategy.

LinkedIn ads serve as one of the most popular channels for brands looking to serve the top of the funnel (brand awareness and image building) and the bottom of the funnel (sales closes and conversions) requirements.

In addition to that, LinkedIn advertisements can be an unfair advantage for the middle of the funnel requirements, when the prospect has some idea of who you are as a company or is likely to be interested in your service or product. No other platform has a user base as professional and authoritative as LinkedIn, and that is exactly what you can use to your benefit.

You can conduct incredibly specific targeting using special criteria like talents, job titles, and groups joined. That is merely one of the many distinctive characteristics LinkedIn advertising may offer.

In the ideal scenario: If your average LTV per client is high enough, your primary objective is to close B2B deals, and your target audience consists of CXOs, business owners, and chief professionals, we strongly advise using LinkedIn as your primary source for lead generation.

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