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Types of LinkedIn Ads – Format & Advantages

Types of LinkedIn Ads | Shivyaanchi

In order to reach your ideal demographic, LinkedIn advertising offers a variety of targeting choices, bidding options, and paid options. You have access to a variety of ad choices as well. Different ad formats will better suit your needs than others, depending on your goals. This article will walk you through the types of LinkedIn ads you can use to create an effective advertisement for your brand.


Who Should Advertise on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn can be a great platform for businesses that have services or products to offer to young professionals. If you believe that your business could benefit working professionals by helping them further their careers, reach their business goals, advance in their industry, or take a quick, informative break from work, then advertising on LinkedIn may be the right choice for you.

To determine if your business is well-suited to LinkedIn advertising, consider if the platform attracts the kind of people who would be interested in your product or service. If so, then LinkedIn can be a great platform to help you reap fruitful rewards.

You can take advantage of the below-mentioned types of LinkedIn ads:

  • Sponsored Content
  • Sponsored InMail
  • Text Ads
  • Dynamic Ads


Sponsored Content 

These advertisements are influenced by native advertising. They are carefully positioned in the LinkedIn feeds of your target audience. Furthermore, it can be challenging to distinguish between the ads and regular material due to their feed-like appearance.

To put it another way, it’s a clever strategy for raising click-through rates. Sponsored content is displayed on both mobile devices and PCs. Above the advertisements, there is a small label that reads “sponsored.” But it might not always be easy to see on a mobile device.

It’s possible to employ a variety of ad formats with sponsored content. You can advertise your LinkedIn video, single-image, or carousel advertising. In general, we advise using these advertisements in brand awareness initiatives. This is a no-brainer if you are new to LinkedIn advertising. The majority of top-of-funnel goals benefit greatly from it.


Dynamic Ads 

The LinkedIn dynamic ad is one of the newest tools in the marketer’s toolbox. Personalized advertising’s most current form provides the viewer with an unassuming ad that prompts them to take action by including their own identity and image, establishing a more direct connection here between the advertised page and the viewers.

Dynamic advertising, which appears to the right of the user’s feed, combines the user’s reputation with the icon or emblem of the recommended page and displays a call to action appropriate to your campaign objectives. Dynamic advertisements can be used to increase audience size, generate leads, or highlight goods and services.

The informal character of a dynamic ad shifts away from the usual sales pitch and feels more like a helpful suggestion offered by the platform, which reduces the user’s sense of being marketed to.


Sponsored InMail 

A person’s inbox can be directly accessed, allowing you to send them personalized messages. Cost-per-send pricing applies to the purchase of sponsored InMail messages. For any new firm, Sponsored InMail has many advantages.

 This is convenient and cost effective, unlike standard InMail which only allows you to communicate with subscribers and does not permit mass messaging. You may distribute material and make sure it reaches the right mailbox using Sponsored InMail. Because it sends the advertisement to the recipient’s inbox while they are online, this targeted advertising technique guarantees adequate receipt of the advertisement.

Moreover, the content of your message can be tailored to the preferences of the customer, enabling you to create a unique welcome, body text, a link, and a button to take action. This highly individualized approach to marketing can be extremely beneficial for customer acquisition as it targets the right people and is 100% deliverable.


Text Ads 

Text ads are one of the most reliable and recognizable methods of digital marketing, specifically on LinkedIn. With text ads, all that is required is a simple headline, succinct text, and a picture, which fits nicely into the organic items that appear in a user’s feed.

The main benefit of using a text ad is its simplicity; all you need is the copy and graphics normally used in a regular feed post. It’s also possible to adjust the target audience of the advertisement behind the scenes to ensure that the right people are viewing it.

Text ads usually appear as a tab next to the user’s feed, giving it visibility without taking up too much space. They can also be displayed as a banner across the front of the user’s screen instead of an image, giving them an even slimmer profile.

Using text ads, you can target all stages of the marketing funnel including brand equity, website visits, engagement, and even website conversions.



It is highly recommended for B2B companies and marketers to leverage LinkedIn for maximum results. As discussed, there are numerous avenues for advertising depending on the goals of the campaign, and various strategies to maximize effectiveness. This article details the various types of LinkedIn ads and how you can leverage the same to maximize the ROI for your campaigns.

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