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LinkedIn Retargeting 101: Boosting Your Advertising ROI

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Have you ever wondered what exactly happens to people who find your business on LinkedIn but leave after only one website visit?

It would be incredible if every individual with whom you interacted on LinkedIn visited your website and bought something/ contacted you. Sadly, most of them don’t. But the question is, Where do these guests go? and, more importantly, is it possible to bring them back? 

By regularly releasing new features over the past few years, LinkedIn has pleasantly surprised its members. As a new way to contact site visitors who have interacted with ads, LinkedIn Ads Retargeting has been quite popular. 

But wait,


What does this retargeting actually mean?

You can approach and interact with individuals who may have previously interacted with your brand even if they haven’t made a purchase, by using LinkedIn retargeting or remarketing advertisements.

Online advertisers can target their ads at those who have previously interacted with their content on LinkedIn or visited their website through “LinkedIn retargeting.” Businesses can use LinkedIn retargeting to display advertising to users who have already shown some interest in their goods or services, making the ads more pertinent and raising conversion rates. 

When you get internet traffic from LinkedIn, only a tiny amount of visitors arrive on your site. Out of this tiny fraction, many people out out of making a purchase decision at the first go. That being said, advertisers across the world have seen immense ad success when they had campaigns specifically built for attracting these visiting leads.


How does LinkedIn Retargeting work?

Retargeting on LinkedIn Ads focuses on individuals who have already interacted with the brand you represent, either through visiting your website or viewing your content there. Here is an explanation of how it functions:


Website Retargeting

Website Retargeting enables you to target website visitors who have already been to your site but did not convert or take the desired action. A cookie is stored on a user’s browser when they visit your website, enabling LinkedIn to follow them across the social network. These website visitors can then be specifically targeted with retargeting advertising on LinkedIn. Based on the pages that they viewed on your website, you can then give them adverts that are extremely relevant to their interests. 


Account-based Retargeting

With the help of account-based retargeting, you may target particular businesses or users that have interacted with your brand on LinkedIn.

You must choose the target accounts you wish to contact to begin account-based retargeting on LinkedIn Ads. These can be businesses you’ve previously done business with, prospects you wish to win over, or businesses in a certain sector or region. You can make a list of your target accounts in LinkedIn Ads once you’ve determined who they are. The decision-makers at those companies will then be identified by matching the list to the company pages on LinkedIn using LinkedIn Ads.

You may, for instance, offer ads that showcase your experience and knowledge in a certain area if you’re targeting that market. With account-based retargeting, you can provide personalized messages that are suited to the needs of individuals at your target accounts.


Ultra-Specific Targeting Options

You can target different audiences with LinkedIn Ads using a range of targeting choices that take into account their demographics, habits, interests, and more. Effectively utilizing these targeting choices can help you raise the ROI of your marketing initiatives while increasing the relevance and efficacy of your advertising campaigns. The following are a few of the targeting choices for LinkedIn Ads:

  • Demographic Targeting:  By selecting specific demographic criteria, advertisers can ensure that their ads are being shown to the right audience, which can improve the ROI of their advertising campaigns.


  • Job Title Targeting: For B2B companies trying to target individuals or influencers in particular industries or organizations, job title targeting is very helpful. This helps increase the relevancy and efficacy of their ads and boost outcomes by hyper-focusing their efforts on the desired audience.


  • Internet-Based Targeting: Many marketing platforms, including LinkedIn Ads, use Internet-based targeting to connect with people who are most likely to be interested in particular goods or services based on their online activity. This kind of targeting is based on information gathered from users’ web surfing behaviors, such as the pages they visit, the content they interact with, and their search history. 


Ads Format

For retargeting campaigns, LinkedIn Ads provides several ad formats, such as sponsored content, sponsored InMail, and dynamic ads. Here is a detailed view of each:

  • Sponsored Content: It is a tool that advertisers can utilize to market to their target audience their corporate updates, articles, videos, and other content. Targeting choices for sponsored content include job operation, industry, seniority level, and other possibilities depending on demographics and interests.


  • Sponsored InMail: A message sent straight to a user’s LinkedIn inbox is known as Sponsored InMail. It allows advertisers to send personalized communications to their target market to increase engagement and conversion.


  • Dynamic advertisements: Dynamic advertisements are personalized ads that are automatically created depending on a user’s LinkedIn profile data, such as their profile photo, job title, and company. Advertising companies can use dynamic ads to engage and convert their target audiences by delivering highly relevant and personalized adverts to them.


  • Text advertising: Text advertising is displayed on the right side of the LinkedIn desktop dashboard and other pages. Text ads are a useful tool for advertisers to promote their goods and services and increase website traffic. Targeting options for text ads include job function, business size, industry, seniority level, and other demographic and interest-based criteria.


Benefits of LinkedIn Retargeting

LinkedIn retargeting can be very helpful in reaching potential customers who have already shown an interest in your products or services. Here’s how this can prove to be beneficial:

  • Increased Conversion Rates: Retargeting allows you to re-engage with people who have already shown an interest in your brand. This means they are more likely to convert and take the desired action, whether that’s purchasing a product or signing up for a service.


  • Improved ROI: Since you’re targeting people who have already interacted with your brand, your ad spend is likely to be more effective. You can focus on people who are more likely to convert, which can help you get a better return on your advertising investment.


  • Customized Messaging: With retargeting, you can create customized messaging based on the actions someone has taken on your website or LinkedIn profile. For example, if someone visited a specific product page on your website, you can retarget them with an ad for that product specifically.


  • Brand Awareness: Even if someone doesn’t convert immediately, retargeting can help keep your brand top of mind. By seeing your ads multiple times, people are more likely to remember your brand when they are ready to make a purchase.


  • Greater Flexibility: LinkedIn retargeting allows you to create different types of ads for different audiences. For example, you could create one set of ads for people who have visited your website, and another set of ads for people who have engaged with your LinkedIn content. This gives you greater flexibility to tailor your messaging and creative to each audience.


  • Better Understanding of Your Audience: By retargeting people who have interacted with your brand in some way, you can gain valuable insights into your audience. For example, you can see which pages on your website are most popular or which LinkedIn content is getting the most engagement. This information can help you make more informed decisions about your marketing and advertising strategies.



In conclusion, LinkedIn retargeting is a powerful advertising strategy. By targeting people who have interacted with your website or LinkedIn profile in some way, you can improve conversion rates, increase ROI, and create customized messaging that resonates with each audience.

Whether you’re looking to drive sales, increase brand awareness, or simply stay top of mind with potential customers, LinkedIn retargeting is an effective and efficient way to reach your marketing goals. So why not give it a try and see how it can help take your marketing efforts to the next level?

We hope this post was helpful and illuminating for your upcoming LinkedIn marketing attempts.

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