“Linkedin is one of our best sources for great leads and has been delivering stable performance for more than 18 months now. All of this has become possible by Shivyaanchi’s capacity to produce campaigns that perform well over time and consistently generate results. There’s no finer alliance that we could have got.”

Gilad Bornstein, CEO
Gilad Circle
About Client

FlatWorld is a bootstrapped startup with a mission to disrupt the world of remote work and empower enterprises to establish and scale their businesses faster than you can pronounce Agile or DevOps.

Long before the pandemic-induced "new normal," the company was founded on the drive to revolutionize the world of remote work.

Flatworld harnesses the power of 100s of recruiters and predictive hiring algorithms to deliver fully vetted, high-fit remote candidates to IT companies.


We reached out to Gilad via a job posting and it was a quick close.

In his own words:
“I interviewed 3-4 vendors and found a perfect match. It was obvious that Shivyaanchi has better experience and is more likely to succeed.”

We started by reviewing FlatWorld's prior campaigns and identified all potential pitfalls.

Then, we had a conversation with Gilad to comprehend the fundamental aspects, including their clients' positioning, talent requisites, ideal candidate persona, and more.

Based on this exchange, we made it our priority to develop a well-defined baseline audience and determine the key parameters to target, such as job titles and industries.

After finalizing the ideal targeting strategy, we moved on to other critical components such as bidding strategy, ad copy, LinkedIn lead gen forms, and more.


Gilad, the CEO, sought professional assistance to improve their LinkedIn advertising campaigns to attract high-caliber talent for their IT clients.

Despite daily expenses of several hundred dollars, Flatworld was not achieving the desired outcomes in terms of establishing a consistent pipeline of ideal candidates.

They were searching for an expert team with a comprehensive understanding of LinkedIn ads to help them create effective campaigns targeting diverse demographics, skillsets, and experience levels.


Once we gained an understanding of the company's goals and aspirations, we amalgamated all the components of the campaign and carried out a trial launch. Desirable results came in swiftly, and we noticed a significant level of interest from suitable candidates, who engaged with the ads and filled out the signup forms.

Through swift experimentation and optimization, we accomplished a series of milestones, one campaign at a time, till we reached a point of stable and positive results.

The project has continued to perform admirably since then, with several updates and enhancements. To ensure that we consistently deliver a rewarding ROI, we regularly iterate over all the fundamentals, such as targeting, bidding, copywriting, scaling up and down as per need, etc.

We also have a weekly 30-minute session with Gilad, during which we present the previous week's analytics and discuss new ads/campaigns integrations.


1) We have regularly surpassed all preset goals in terms of generating suitable leads - full stack developers, react natives, ruby on rails developers, javascript coders, etc.
2) Acquisition cost per customer is 3 times lower than what it used to be.
3) CTR’s have constantly been 2+% and CPC less than 1$.
4) 12-20% average conversion rates across campaigns.
5) Engagement rates > 2%.

With our support, FlatWorld's recruiters consistently source 80% of their expert workforce from LinkedIn.

We take pride in our ongoing partnership with FlatWorld that has lasted for over two years. Integrity is unquestionably the key to lasting partnerships, and we uphold it in everything we do.