Introducing SiteHub to the World of LinkedIn Ads

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We had a time-constrained need to investigate the marketing potential of LI ads, and the team at Shivyaanchi came to our rescue. Data driven, polite, agile, and regular at communication. An easy sail across.

Ulrik Banner | CEO
Ulrik Circle
About Client

SiteHub is built on the conviction that clients deserve building sites that are safe, sustainable, and efficient.

The company takes responsibility for the combined building site and material logistics, through experienced specialists and software that merges existing technology with easy analysis.


Ulrik came across our services through a prior client and requested for a discovery call. We took our time in understanding Ulrik’s expectations from the platform and the firm’s target audience specifics.

After noting everything down, we made the following recommendations:

1) Rolling out ads in the native Danish language for instant attention.

2) Rapid A/B testing to determine the best strategy.

3) Weekly revisions and new integrations.


With no prior experience with LinkedIn ads, CEO Ulrik Banner wondered if it would be feasible to test the waters for their company.

He was curious about how effective the ROI can be and, more crucially, how to go about the entire scope of work (ad copy, graphics, bidding strategy, targeting approach, optimisation, etc.) without any in-house specialists.


We started building and optimising an agile testing approach once we were familiar with the company's sophisticated needs. Going forward, we established a solid procedure, hitting milestones one campaign at a time.

As decided, we first prepared variations of ad copy and visuals in order to encourage experimentation based on various metrics.

All ads were created to suit the potential customer - CXOs and business owners from target locations in Denmark. The campaign was designed in Danish language, and included relevant tags, content offers, and voicing style.

Weekly revisions were made based on the observed results and feedback from the in-house creative team at Sitehub.


We ran the campaign for three months, experimenting with various ad copy and targeting tactics.

Across all efforts, the average conversion rate was 15%.

About 2% of users engaged, while the average CPC was less than $2.

Overall, it was a successful testing campaign, and Ulrik was pleased with the results.

Along with the apparent outcomes, we also assisted the team in realising the value of LinkedIn as the #1 platform for advertising to high-end clients.