Mapview Case Study

“We’re particularly impressed by the research expertise. The team took their time in crafting a foolproof targeting strategy as per our inputs. Great job at investigating our market and helping us get the best ROI on LI ads.”

James Davis | Head of Marketing
About Client

With tabulated data and cloud files in one place, Mapview is the leading property insights gateway that covers most locations on the east coast of New Zealand and Australia.

The company has a sophisticated web tool that allows users access to 15M+ properties - with the most recent sales, planning, and property information.

Their extensive database is based on 3800+ source documents and helps users in making better-informed site evaluation decisions based on the latest information.
The company has ties with government bodies, real estate firms, and housing communities; and they regularly enhance their gateway with the latest data points.


We joined hands with Mapview to serve the above-mentioned requirements.

First, we requested James to give us in-depth information about who their ideal target customers are, including information about job titles, industries, location, pain areas, buying power, etc.

Utilising these inputs, we started working on plausible bidding and targeting strategies.

The content and graphics team identified all potential pain areas and created three to four ad alternatives for quick A/B testing.

Moreover, we enquired James of any existing funnels where he wanted to pour these leads into.


While considering different channels for generating leads, James decided to explore the possibilities that LI ads offered.

This was done in light of the likelihood that their intended audience was using LinkedIn extensively.

However, the problem in this case was inexperience.

James wanted a group of experts to create the groundwork for their LI ads campaign and wanted to approach the testing phase with the best measures.


  • With an objective to generate high-quality leads, we kickstarted the campaign in the form of single image ads (4x variations).

  • Target audience: property developers, real estate agents, architects, town planners, government officials serving in related niches, professionals working for related firms, etc. based in the target locations.

  • The leads were added to a spreadsheet using Zapier Integration, and the spreadsheet was then linked to the business' email workflow.

  • Weekly revisions to ensure the campaign carried its best parts forward.


  • We ran the campaign for a period of 4 months, comprising rapid testing and regular updates.
  • Achieved conversion rates around 15-20%.
  • CTR>1%, Engagement rate >2%, CPC <$3 - all results were at par with the industry benchmarks.
  • Mapview’s email sequence received a regular inflow of contacts, thereby allowing them to make modifications based on the observed results.
All in all, the client expressed great satisfaction with the ROI and results.

James expressed confidence in the likelihood of assembling an internal team to leverage LI as a source of potential future revenue.