About Client

Magic Inc. stands out as a consumer services firm, providing businesses with a competent and on-demand workforce of virtual assistants.

Their experienced team understands the importance of quickly scaling up staff, and they have developed a comprehensive system to ensure that their clients are able to do so efficiently and cost-effectively.

From start-ups to established businesses, Magic Inc. offers tailored solutions that enable businesses of all sizes to leverage the advantages of having a remote VA workforce.

Social Media Audit

At the very beginning, we proposed to prepare a detailed social media audit report for Magic.

After conducting a 360-degree analysis, it became clear that improvements were necessary.

Magic was not utilizing their content to tell stories; instead, they were just pushing services and sharing blog links. Additionally, their social media presence was too infrequent; posts were only rolling out every four to five days.

We put forth a recommendation report that included actions to take in relation to their social media presence across platforms. The aim was to improve the interaction Magic had with their followers while also increasing brand recognition and driving traffic to their website.

The suggestions made incredible sense to the team, and they encouraged us to prioritize LinkedIn because it had the most visibility they wanted to achieve.


Magic was able to generate tangible results with their business goals; however, their social media presence did not reflect their story and achievements.

While separate content teams focused on blogs, case studies, and YouTube videos, there was no social media management team to capitalize on all of the efforts and showcase the brand on social media.

We were already handling Magic’s LinkedIn ad campaigns for lead generation purposes, when Steff, the marketing director, reached out with an enquiry. He wondered if we could take control of their LinkedIn presence and consolidate all of their efforts to attain more substantial outcomes.

Content Buckets and Publishing Strategy

To improve their social media strategy, we worked with Magic to develop a content calendar that increased the frequency of posts and featured engaging content powered by storytelling.

Based on our research of major competitors, the latest trends on LinkedIn, and Magic Inc.'s positioning and messaging, we developed 4-5 content buckets to use. These included client success stories, pre-recorded YouTube videos, industry news and advancements, posts catering to the lives of virtual assistants, polls, and more.

We also created a structure that included posting five days a week. Besides, we conducted rapid observation to ensure that the campaign was successful and only retained its best parts.


For the first month, we observed the following results:

  • Post Impressions: 278.6K+ (93.2% increase)
  • New Followers: 2380 (97% up)
  • Unique Visitors: 5000+ (50% up)
  • Custom Clicks: 329 (46% up)
For the second month, the numbers were further magnified, and Magic’s LinkedIn page gained 3950+ followers.

Overall, Magic Inc. saw a successful organic content makeover and meaningful interactions with their readers after partnering with Shivyaanchi. We were able to craft an effective content strategy and produce engaging content that resonated with their target audience.

Besides, we made sure to document all learnings acquired from this project so that any future in-house team at Magic had all the necessary tools and mindset to keep the momentum going.