Head of Product Marketing

Jonathan Raemdonck

“We’ve been making best use of LinkedIn ads, thanks to Shivyaanchi! Results have consistently surpassed our expectations.”


About Client:

SupplyStack is a cloud-based logistics platform that helps businesses manage their end-to-end supply chain operations. The company provides a wide range of solutions that cover procurement, transportation, warehousing, and inventory management. These solutions are designed to help businesses streamline their supply chain processes, reduce costs, and improve visibility and collaboration across their supply chain network.

Some of the key features and benefits of SupplyStack’s platform include real-time shipment tracking, automated order management, freight cost optimization, supplier management, and performance analytics. The company also offers integration with various third-party systems, including ERPs, WMSs, and TMSs, to provide seamless and efficient data exchange.

The Initial Discussion:

As part of their expanding marketing activities, the team was eager to establish LinkedIn as a potential channel for increasing brand awareness and amplifying their social presence. Despite being quite familiar with the benefits of LinkedIn ads, they faced trouble making effective use of the same. A lack of expertise accounted for poor execution and months of failing campaigns.

While searching for professional support, Jonathan contacted a connection, Ulrik Banner, CEO of Sitehub, one of our former clients. This was right after our recent collaboration with Sitehub wherein we helped them kickstart their Linkedin ads journey with fruitful results. Owing to our successful partnership with Sitehub, Ulrik highly recommended us to Jonathan.

We invited Jonathan to a discovery call, and helped him with a broad overview of the numerous goals that can be achieved using LI ads (driving website traffic, acquiring premium leads, magnifying brand awareness, getting event signups, etc.). We also shared insights with respect to adopting the best bidding & targeting strategies to make sure that we reach the right people while maintaining a rewarding ROI.

Jonathan had basic campaign structures in mind, and we assured him with a competent and reliable implementation strategy. He was particularly impressed with our streamlined processes that are designed to develop winning campaigns without unwanted loss of time, money, or brand image.

Extensive Planning:

Over the next few weeks, we worked with the team at Supply Stack and assisted them in finalizing the following key components:

1) Objectives: Jonathan wished to avoid pushing gated content. Instead of aiming for straight conversions, he intended to use LinkedIn ads to increase brand recognition, attract followers to their company page, and encourage website visits. One campaign was an exception, where the team wanted to book registrations for their upcoming round table series event.

2) Campaign types: We finalized a variety of campaigns. While some were aimed to promote the company brand as a whole, others focused on different product offerings that Supply Stack had. These included their Transport Management System (TMS), multi-modal logistics capabilities, and a time slot booking feature to alleviate long carrier queues at warehouses.

3) Ad formats: Multiple quantities and types of ad posts were finalized including single page ads, carousel ads, video ads, etc. We provided support here in the form of instructions for copy and graphics. While LinkedIn is a professional network, Supply Stack has a creative and contemporary brand language. We shared suggestions on how to maintain their brand voice while adhering to LinkedIn’s formal elegance. Besides, we shared further insights on how to leverage color palette, design elements, etc. to capture a scrolling user’s attention.

4) Creating ICPs (ideal customer profiles) for each campaign, including exact demographic and professional filters, determining major pain-points and desires, and finalizing suitable CTAs.

Seamless Execution:

Once all of the above was finalized, it was time to bring all components together for action.

We began by building up all of the campaign frameworks inside of Supply Stack’s LinkedIn ad dashboard. After that, we worked on putting the finest targeting techniques in place to ensure that all ads reached the intended eyeballs. To quote an interesting move, one of the campaigns was targeted to a competitor’s clients; pitching Supply Stack as a better solution to their potential pain issues.

Furthermore, we also put in substantial efforts regularly to refine the bidding strategies. This was to ensure that we were getting desired results while spending as minimum as possible.

Overall, our focus was on driving fruitful results – getting engagements on the brand awareness ads, driving more website visits using apt CTAs, acquiring CXO level leads for events and demos, etc. – all while maintaining high ROI levels.

Top-of-the-line Results:

The project continued for more than a year with regular revisions, fresh campaign launches, ongoing upgrades, etc. Supply Stack was later acquired by Transporean, the logistics giant. We assisted the team at Supply Stack at this stage too – running a number of news announcements and brand awareness campaigns to inform interested prospects about the large acquisition.

  • Engagement rate was above 2%, and we observed decent interactions with the ads.
  • CPC was less than $3, indicating high relevance of the campaigns.
  • The CTR was greater than 1%, and we were able to drive substantial traffic to Supply Stack’s product pages.
  • Conversion rates varied from 12 to 15%, above par with the industry standard.

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