metaverse and the future of marketing

Nearly a year has passed since Facebook declared its evolution into Meta. But till date no one really has a clear, well-defined idea about metaverse and web3.

The metaverse is a space for so much more than just gaming, despite the fact that many projects like to promote it as such.

Tech is, after all, everywhere in the metaverse – it powers it and makes it possible.

The promises here are huge – in terms of revolutionizing how we interact with each other. Zuckerberg is confident that the future is virtual, and he’s furiously working in the same direction.

Is it all a hype created by “crypto bros” or are we going to see a virtual, fully-functional world? Noone can predict. But experts believe the answer lies in the middle.

If businesses simply refuse to pay attention to the nurturing technology and the possibilities, they are actually exposing themselves to a missed opportunity – probably as big as the internet.

Selling the concept of “the metaverse” currently can result in multiple gains in terms of marketing hype and potential $$$.

But, if not approached with caution and responsibility, the same steps can lead to a negative brand image – a “wannabe”, scammy web3 business.

In such conditions, you as a business owner might be in a state of confusion.

Let’s find out how much attention you must be giving to the metaverse at the present stage.

Before we go any further, let’s clear our basics!


What exactly is a “Metaverse,” anyway?

A metaverse, in terms of technology, is a collaborative virtual realm that is shared by both augmented reality and physical reality. For the sake of simplicity, consider a metaverse as the next evolution of the internet, which began as unique web forums on autonomous virtual locations.


Is the hype really worth it?

It’s unlikely that Metaverse and NFT won’t occasionally appear on your Twitter feeds every now and then.

Without denying the power of blockchain technology, undergoing R&D initiatives on an international level, and the promising future of the metaverse, there’s something that needs to be said:

The current hype is being fueled by tech businesses, celebrities and luxury brands who achieved this cynical opportunity to make some dinero.


How does one enter the metaverse?

It’s a piece of cake (mostly), you only need a laptop and a cryptocurrency wallet to access the platform. While it is accessible through most smartphones, they lack the processing power necessary to provide you the best possible performance.

#1: Creating an Avatar

Although building a virtual environment is the main goal of businesses in Metaverse, the first step is making a digital representation of yourself. You can build and personalize your avatar on Decentraland using a panel.


Every avatar is given 100 Wondercoins as they arrive in Decentraland to help them get going. The best way to get the hang of this, play games and teleport to different realms.

#3: Networking

Once you’re here, get to know as many individuals as you can. To learn more about other players’ perspectives on the Metaverse, make it a point to engage with them. Since there is no expert in this field, that is how you learn.


Is metaverse your next marketing move?

Yes, you gotta keep up with the ever-evolving trends and technology to be relevant in the market. Yes, it takes a lot of effort and money, but, hey, nice things don’t come for free.

Marketers need to be aware that the metaverse is more than just a passing fad; it appears to be here to stay and is vying to become the next great thing.

If your brand wants to dive in this space, here are a few tips to follow:

The basics – acknowledge and become a part:

At this point, the least any SMB can do is to capitalize on the buzz.

You can begin by incorporating relevant keywords, dialogue, and engagement targets into your content marketing strategy.

Your Twitter will skyrocket – we promise!

Documenting your journey as a company trying to get familiar with and enter the popular web3 space is an interesting idea.

Develop an agile approach:

In the metaverse, the audience usually identifies the brands with innovation. Since there are few users of the metaverse at this time, it’s the right time for your brand to get the spotlight!

The platform is always changing, hence, businesses should start small to gauge customer response, make the required adjustments and get a one-on-one understanding about your clientele.

For all brands, exploration and experimentation should be a constant.

Produce collectibles:

The metaverse is yet another platform for people to show their passion for collecting. By building exclusive collectibles that can only be purchased in the metaverse, you build excitement around your brand.

This further tempts the audience to catch you on this fresh platform.

Realize the power of community:

Web3 has a distinct community edge over Web2; it is too large to be disregarded. We don’t want you to be idle when there are so many projects being built in public and so many companies working hard to establish their own web3 communities.

Web3 and the Metaverse give businesses the chance to amass a sizable fanbase.

Spend some time researching. If your ideal prospects demonstrate a strong interest in the metaverse space online, it’s time to take action.

You can learn about the different lives that customers want to lead and develop metaverse-relevant value propositions from that knowledge.

Start early and lay the foundations to your own web3 community. This will help you get an effective distribution advantage over your competitors – no matter if you build in web3 or outside of it.


Final Thoughts

Regardless of how metaverse marketing develops further, customers appear prepared to change. Given all the data and analytics out there, brands should keep an eye on the metaverse to stay current and keep up with the technology.

Be aware of it even if it’s merely grandstanding without action.

While you may lack the means to conduct thorough research on trends and future prospects, big brands do not.

If Gucci, Nike, and Balenciaga are on it, chances are, you too would be considering (read: forced to consider) a possible entry into this new, exciting, and unknown terrain of digital currency, web3, and the metaverse.

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